Hello there, my name is Reena and welcome to my humble blog. I'm 23 yrs old currently doing my degree in Econs anf Finance in SIM. I strive to achieve a good balance of spritual and emotional comfort. I'm a typical Taurean, which means I have very little patience and alot alot of ego. I can be really quick tempered but I try not to hold grudges for long. I have a weird bonding with God and a craving for knowledge. I hope you do enjoy the documentations of my random thoughts.



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    Moved / 10/16/08

    I have moved!
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    6:54 PM

    Farewell.... / 10/1/08

    Neville is transferring to another department and we are so going to miss him real bad. His been a mentor, a friend and a clown to me. But hey! I'm happy for him. It's always good to venture out there and succeed and that, I'm so sure he will.

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    12:10 PM

    Hello You Stoolies... / 9/30/08

    I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed coming to work everyday. I would rather be back in school, studying and enjoying the company of my friends. I miss those days when I had so much time in my hands. I miss those days I spent countless hours in Coffee Bean reading all my favourite novels.

    I love the money I'm making right now. Nothing beats a commission based job. I've never liked the idea of sitting on an office waiting for a standard basic salary at the end of the month. I choose how much I want to earn and the best part is, I don't have to do all the hard work. Everyone in this company works on commission. The team leaders, to the managers to the higher management all enjoy this benefit. I have no qualms about this organisation but I'd rather be a school girl if I could turn back the clock, I would love packing my bag every night and waking up just in time for assembly and a whole day of classes. I miss school.

    This week is packed with events. I've been doing my work but it seems to be a lackadaisical attempt to me. Hope no one realises that. But I'm tired of all the fatuous jokes that can be made or directed at me or at anyone around me. So much has been said and done, all in the name of JOKE.

    And I keep reminding myself of all the blessings small or big that God has shown upon me.

    I had someone mentioning about my blog to me yesterday. I love blogging. And I know I have some stoolies reading my blog. Snooping around to find if there is anything nice to chat about. I again, have no qualms about that. But, I secretly wish I could pick these stoolies and put them in a jar and shake it till their guts spill out and all that's left of them is a brownish liquid. YEah!!!

    I've been told I'm sardonic. =]

    It's pisses me off when someone tells me what I should blog about. Don't tell me what to do. This is how I vent! And I like it this way. I've fallen out with friends who didn't like the contents in this blog. Too bad for them. Too bad about their perception about me. I don't give a fuck or even a the slightest damn about it. Snoop around for all you want but don't come back telling me, "Hey, so I bet you are going to blog about this or that, or about my Father!" I'm nice enough not to yell at you and tell you to Fuck the hell out of my face. But it annoys me.

    So now, shoo off. You are welcome to read my blog. Java script codes never work. And I'm not bothered to go through the ordeal of getting a password for this blog. I appreciate the comments some of you give. Thank you. But for the rest that read and decide to annoy me, FUCK off darlings.

    Bye to stoolies and hello to my darlings.....

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    9:49 AM

    Monday Blues. / 9/29/08

    Monday Blues!!!!!

    My Shoulder Aches!!

    The Office is so Quiet.

    I miss Him.

    It's raining and I want to sleep badly.

    To top it all off, I'm having a bad hair day as well.


    Ps: I'm enjoying a good read. "We need to talk about Kevin," by Lionel Shiver.

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    12:30 PM

    Old Skool...... / 9/24/08
    Picnic outing. Dalini, Deepti, Poorna, Me, Thushara, Sirlina and Vach
    P6 childrens' Day Celebration ELDDS. Dun ask me abt my hairdo.

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    6:49 PM

    I've always perceived myself to be a pragmatist with a good foresight for the future.

    The events of the past few days has made me to think otherwise. Relationships are tender.

    The words you say would hurt more then your actions. Caught in between a family squabble,

    it was hard to calm both Mother and Son. I prayed and endeavored myself to stay calm. All is

    better now. I won't say good. The mean words, the rudeness, the not showing respect to the

    Mother and the "I'm old enough, treat as an adult, son's stubbornness" was all so unnecessary.

    Communication. That was lacking.

    Silence is good. Sometimes, when everyone is lashing at one another, it's good to just shut up and "disappear." I've been doing that alot lately. I try not to argue or even bother sharing my comments. It's good being dumb at times.

    I'm not in an emo mood. I'm actually very happy. Over loaded with work as usual. And I'm happy I'm finally eligible to apply my first ever credit card.

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    6:11 PM

    The Weekend Is Here! / 9/20/08
    I hate waking up on Saturday mornings. But I love working on Saturdays. It's stress free and definitely more relaxed. I saw a cute little doggie, a golden retriever running around the estate today. It must have run out of it's home. Before I knew it, it was crossing the expressway. I said a short prayer for it. It must have lost it's way but curiosity was making it run and run. Sniffing at every corner, I hope it's owners find him soon. Before SPCA does.

    The date with Puppy was relaxing. We had dinner and a few drinks at chijmes. Conversations were long and interesting. He's my best gossip partner. The details always stay with him.

    ok so I intend to stay at home this weekend and relax. I have a $100 topshop voucher but I can't anything nice to buy. I'II drop by town on Sun to window shop. 6 more days to pay and then batam trip!!
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    11:37 AM

    Attitude. / 9/19/08
    The morning was going smooth until a joke I said apparently irritated someone and I had vulgarities being hurled at me. The joke was not vulgar or derogatory in nature. After the vulgarities were hurled and the person walked away, people claimed that she was in a bad mood. Ok.....


    The I can't help but keep my distance off this person. There is no guarantee that such an incident won't take place. If it wasn't an office environment, I would have told that person to watch the attitude and take a breather.
    Go vent the anger on someone else.
    But, I've been told that people who are fasting are easily irritated. But, such an action has already defeated the whole purpose of fasting hasn't it? (Besides, I've had jokes about colour and appearance being made about me from these same sensitive people.)

    I had MacDonald's for dinner yesterday. Walked past the church and realised the Redemptrist fathers were preaching. I know I had missed all the readings so I went home, ate my burger and got back to church in time for the homily. Father Simon never fails to humour the parishioners in every of his homily. He has helped me build my faith from my teenage years. Being the spiritual director of Vines and Branches, he helped us all build our faith and do God's work.

    After mass, Mummy and I spoke to him and it was so good seeing him after such a long time. Oh well, maybe it's time I speak to Tony and bring Landings to St Vincent De Paul.

    I'm meeting Puppy today! Can't wait!

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    11:20 AM

    Scrap Booking! / 9/18/08
    Ladies I love!
    My baby Boy!

    This took alot of time so make sure you leave a comment and tell me what you think.
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    10:16 AM

    I woke up earlier then my usual timing this morning. Washed my hair and had a hearty breakfast. Realised I had time in my hands and I looked through my old photographs. Picked out a few that I'm intending to scan and upload on facebook. Bet it's going surprise many of them. Oh well....Marymount oh marymount I miss so much.
    I'm heading home after work today. I'm not stopping by anywhere for anything. I need rest cause my body aches. I'm thinking of cooking this weekend and I'm going to look for a good recipe tonight.
    Stellar has again tempted me with all her soup recipes. They are really easy to cook as well! Oily free, herbal chicken soup would be a good lunch on Sunday. I don't have any darlings meeting me for lunch today. =[ And I feel like having subway....Now I need to drag Seemren to lunch with me in Subway. She needs rice everyday!!
    Puppy's Mummy called. So much talking about the same topic. If only we all are responsible about our actions, no one would get worried. Rite?

    Someone sent me this comic on msn....lol!
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    10:16 AM

    Beautiful Trash. / 9/17/08
    Drama Ma Ma has Gone Away!

    The last two weeks have been eventful. Thanks to facebook I got in touch with many of my old school mates. We are intending of having a reunion soon. I bumped into Deepti and Chippy 2 weeks back. My my.....we all have grown up. Both sisters look good. Had to rush off to office, so I couldn't really chat much. We facebooked after that and plans for a reunion is already on the way.
    I'm intending on scanning old my old pics up on facebook. So many memories. So many have disappeared, hopefully I find them through facebook.

    This week seems so draggy. But I'm so glad that the drama is over and everything is back o normal for me. An apology would have been better but still at least acting normal around me is good enough. We should never expect too much out of others.

    I went on a online shopping spree yesterday. Bought 4 dresses worth $80. It's definitely a good buy and I got Tracy addicted to it as well. Sad part is, it takes 2 to 4 weeks for the goods to arrive. =[

    Mind Games yesterday with ramit's twin, dhruv, his sis, min and Puppy was fun. I love Cluedo. lol! I have to meet dhu this week. She is so pissed that I keep cancelling on her at the last minute.

    Work is over! I'm off with Tracy and Vin for dinner at Komalas. Ta!
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    6:31 PM

    Locked In / 9/12/08
    There was a period in time when Puppy had a problem with the people I hung out with. I found it annoying to be told what to do. I ignored his nagging and thought the world about these bunch of people.

    But soon enough, I have found out.

    Found out about the blatant psychotic accusation. The exaggeration. About the stealing of the gold chain and so much more.

    Oddly, I never cried.

    I never felt sad about the loss of a friend. She never was a friend to begin with.

    I've been neglecting alot of people including myself. Time I head out and meet the ones who matter.

    Mummy is a sick chicken.

    So I've been eating sad canned food for the past few days. I have been blogging because I know of some restless Australian based souls reading my blog. But after much reflecting I realised that only these restless souls are only interested in money.

    I haven't been reading much. But Puppy was sweet to get me some Grisham books. I have to get back to reading!!!

    I love this picture of us....
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    4:49 PM

    Sick chicken / 8/19/08

    I'm such a sick chicken. It's such a bad week to fall sick. I'm all excited for the wedding. The bangle ceremony is tomorrow and my dark eye rings are so bad. I look like I got punched on both eyes.

    I got my suit from Sharin. Pinkish green one. Really pretty. Yeah!

    Time I invest in some traditional attire as well.

    Off for lunch. ta!

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    11:27 AM

    i miss u. / 8/12/08

    It's raining. And where are u? I miss you. ....

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    5:57 PM

    Friendship / 8/11/08
    It's odd how I keep meeting weird people in my life. I recently someone who made me feel so comfortable. I was never self conscious about myself when I was near that person. But all good things come to an end. I think it should end. I was never wrong in my judgement. If you meet someone with no friends, I believe there is something wrong with them. It's either they have a super big mouth that cannot stop yakking about others or they are always misunderstood because of the things they do or say.

    In my case, its not about the usual bitching and cat fights. The person is too lovable for that. But it's all about being sensitive to others feelings. I'm not going to make it obvious that I'm moving away. But I'm sure me retreating away would be felt. Going off to Australia without informing and ignoring me when a new date comes along isn't something I take lightly. I don't do this to anyone and I won't be able to tolerate such treatment as well. Thanks for all the perfumes and chocolates but you need to be stop throwing your money on friends and learn to show them true love and care.

    I'm off.
    Bad start for a Monday.
    The blues are hitting me strong.
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    11:51 AM